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DGCustomerFirst: Customers can submit their insightful comments, recommendations, and complaints in the survey and enter to win a $100 General gift card.

Take Dollar General Survey

DGCustomerFirst offers Dollar General decision-makers insightful feedback and recommendations on how to address a lack of service and raise customer satisfaction levels at the store. As a result, clients who visit Dollar General in the future will receive better service.

Take Dollar General Survey

Participation Process


  1. You have a purchase receipt with the code, to start.
  2. Secondly, click the aforementioned icon to access the DG Customer First Survey platform.
  3. You have the choice to switch from English to Spanish here.
  4. Now, enter the information on your receipt, including the survey code, store number, and visit time.
  5. Press the “START” button.
  6. You can see some survey questions about your visit and purchase experience right here.
  7. Answer each survey question truthfully one at a time.
  8. The answers are arranged in a rating-style format.
  9. You must click NEXT to conclude the survey after responding to each question.
  10. Type in your contact information, including name, address, phone number, and email address.
  11. Press the “NEXT” button.
  12. You will receive an entry at the end of the survey for a chance to win a gift card.

Take Dollar General Survey

Rewards From the Survey

DG customer first

Take Dollar General Survey

You can eventually enter a prize competition by completing the Dollar General customer satisfaction survey. Each lucky winner will get a $100 Dollar General gift card as a result of this contest.

When you go to the Dollar General shop next, you can use this gift card to purchase something. If you have any questions regarding the survey procedure, just read on and take the quiz to enter to win a $100 gift card.

Take Dollar General Survey

Rules and Regulations Of the Survey

Regarding all rules and regulations, a comprehensive list of Official Rules covers all terms and conditions. Here are the guidelines that a client must follow in order to complete the survey form. Look at this:

  1. There are no limitations on who may participate in this survey. However, before responding to the poll, Dollar General stores want customers to use the services at least once.
  2. All rights remain unaffected, and the business is free to revoke the DGCustomerFirst Survey, the survey’s methodology, and its total monetary benefits.
  3. The business is willing to offer the assistance required, but in exchange, each esteemed client is expected to give their full participation.
  4. Each participant must complete the survey online at www.dgcustomerfirst.com or in an authorized department store. Only after completing the survey questions can you collect the benefits.
  5. Only those who meet the requirements can respond to this survey’s questionnaire on behalf of the client. Read this article to learn more about the survey’s eligibility requirements.
  6. Depending on when and where you participate in the DGCustomerFirst Survey, the offers and rewards may change.

Take Dollar General Survey

Requirements for the Survey

  • Any device, including a phone, computer, or laptop.
  • The survey can be completed in either English or Spanish.
  • You must have a working email address and phone number.
  • Receipt from Dollar General containing the survey code.

Take Dollar General Survey

About the Company

James Luther and Turner Cal Turner established the American network of discount department stores known as Dollar General in 1939, making it 82 years old. The chain’s corporate office is located in Tennessee, USA. With more than 16,000 active outlets and about 143,000 staff members, Dollar General is a large employer.

The products sold by Dollar General are noted for being in the categories of clothing, food, cleaning supplies, home decor, health & beauty aids, pet supplies, and toys. One of Dollar General’s subsidiaries is the Dollar General store.

Additionally, it sells goods on the website www.dollargeneral.com. The business runs stores in suburban, urban, and rural regions so that its clients can shop conveniently. Its operations span several US states, including those in the south, southwest, midwest, and east. In the US, Dollar General’s corporate office is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee.

Take Dollar General Survey


Here I have tried to compile all the necessary details regarding the Survey including the participation process, Rewards, Rules, regulations, etc.

We hope that this article will be useful to you at every stage of the customer satisfaction survey for Dollar General. Read this article in its entirety for all the pertinent details.

Take Dollar General Survey


Question 1. How can I get in touch with DGCustomerFirst’s customer service department?

Just look up this portal’s contact information in our article. After going through the same, you can easily contact our staff.

Question 2. What is the customer support team’s hotline number that I can call?

Call our customer service staff at (615) 855-4000 to speak with someone right away.

Question 3. What Are The Benefits Of The DGCustomerFirst Survey?

If the client contributes insightful feedback, all offers and benefits have a distinct spot on the DGCustomerFirst.com Survey platform. If each person shares their honest opinion once every day, the offers also apply to them.

  • A set discount of 20% off when five items or products are purchased in a single visit.
  • When customers visit Dollar General, they can buy the things listed and get a second set of that particular product absolutely free.
  • To respond to the survey, an instant reimbursement upon random receipt is required.

After doing this survey, clients will also be given some random gifts.

You can enter to win a free $ 100 gift card redeemable at any Dollar General location by taking the official DGCustomerFirst survey, which is now available on the company’s well-established website at the URL www.dgcustomerfirst.com.

Take Dollar General Survey

Contact Details

What is the Postal address and headquarters of Dollar General?

100 mission red

and Goodlettsville,



Email for Contact: Information can be found on the Dollar General checkout page. You can enter your contact information at www.dollargeneral.com. You will hear from the customer service staff by email.

Social media: Follow Dollar General on Twitter at @DollarGeneral to stay up to speed on all the newest Dollar General news. The most recent information from Dollar General Corporation can be found here.

Take Dollar General Survey

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